Or am I just a terrible procrastinator, or ?  I have so many book projects started and I need to focus on just one at a time and get it done!  Almost daily I think of or am presented with a new idea. I have people waiting for my romance novel. I have an ending and I did finish it, the problem is it was on a computer that crashed so I am trying to reconstruct it and it shouldn't be too much longer,
Biographies on several people, telling love stories that involve ancestors, more poetry, I still write poems everyday and often question does anyone else really want to read this stuff ? My youngest daughter has requested a book of 'family stories' the sort that have been shared with me by relatives no longer here with us or I have lived through myself. I have several friends who want me to do a cookbook of recipes my Mom and I adapted over the years to suit a no sugar-low carb way of eating. Yes definitely too many Irons in the Fire, I need to put some of them on the back burner and pull forward those that are nearly ready and GET TO WORK !! It's just that playing is so much more fun ;-)

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