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I recently realized that some may think all there is to my books is what appears in the previews on Blurb. I only open a certain number of pages for each book. My newest book has 120 pages and only 54 are open for viewing. If you look at the details for each book it will tell you how many pages each book has. When you open the preview it will tell you how many pages are open for preview on-line.
I'm beginning to think maybe I am leaving too many pages open. For instance my latest book has had well over 200 views and no sales yet !!!! Either it's a real dud or people just think they are seeing all there is and why buy something you can read for free ?
After a year of working on this book I have finally published it. The preview will show a lot of poems and pic's, there are more memories shared about my life in the actual book. This is a personal indulgance on my part to try and commit more and more history of my life and my family for the sake of my children and grandchildren. Being the youngest of my generation, most of my children never knew any of my ancestors. This was a true labor of love to not only share my story, but to highlight special people in my life who have helped me be who I am today.
The Last Farmer's  Daughter:
My latest publishing adventure is a collaboration with my middle daughter. It highlights her photography and I interpreted her thoughts with some poetry. It's been getting a lot of looks in my Blurb Bookstore, hopefully soon the orders will start ;-) !!
I'm getting ready to submit yet another book. I have so many projects in the works and need to just say "okay done" to atleast one of them !!  I think the main problem is everytime I do that it is like sending a child out into the world on their own, they take a part of you with them and you hope you have given enough for them to make a success on their own.

 I recently re-submitted my book My Impossible Years because I found a few mistakes in the original printing. The new link is up now and hopefully working. It seems no matter how many times I edit and read and re-read and have others do the same for me there is always something not perfect hmmmm my books are just like me....not perfect, but sincerely trying the best we can to please ;-)
I think the photography in my newest book "You Still Bring Me Flowers" is my best yet !!  jmnsho ;-)
Well book 4 is almost ready to be published, this one is all about the relationship I have been blessed to have with my wonderful husband. I'm not quite sure why I am here talking to myself, but ah well atleast it gives me a record of my publishing adventures. If anyone reads this: I wish you many blessings and much happiness.


 I painted this portrait of Robert Browning when I was a teenager, no he didn't sit for the portrait !! HA HA  I enjoyed painting but I have always preferred sketching or drawing more, for one thing it's easier to do anywhere.  It's a lot easier to carry around a sketch pad and a few pencils than  canvases, paints, and brushes. I suppose ultimately the reason writing appeals to me even more than sketching is because I like to think I can paint pictures in peoples minds with my words. I only need a small notepad and now I can even use a tiny netbook computer to create my style of "art".
My wonderful brilliant husband was able to get the computer on and by only going to the book program which does not require Internet I spent over 8 hours typing the pages that were only on the desktop onto my husbands laptop phew it felt good to rescue my words from that tower. My fingers are hurting but my heart is feeling light as a feather, thank you Lord for giving me this wonderful man who will do anything for me he is able to make my life easier.