can sometimes lead to painful conclusions. For the second time in our married
life my wonderful husband and his good intentions has put me in pain. Years ago
my new and oh so gallant husband was holding a car door for me whilst standing
on a wet grassy knowl, he slipped and fell full force against the car door just
as I had managed to put one leg out. Well he rushed me to the hospital thinking
he broke my leg. I bruise easily, it looked much worse than the fact it was just
badly bruised including the bone, but not broken.
Well today I was quietly cloistered away in my room working on my book when he arrived with a lovely lunch he'd prepared for me. He no sooner left the room then I flipped the plate
onto the top of my foot, food all over the floor, cottage cheese covering my
socks yick !! my lovely lean burger, fresh lettuce with tomato slices all ruined I started cleaning it up and then the pain started  I think this time I may actually have broken a small bone on the top of my foot, but I am waiting til morning to decide if it should be checked(that would still qualify as within the first 24 hour rule for broken bones) right now it is just looking bruised and it is painful.

Oh and to prove how wonderful he is, he prepared
me a second lunch and even washed out my socks .      

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