Seems forever since I have been here. Sometimes life just keeps us away from the places we'd like to visit more often. I have however continued to write, publish, and keep very busy with my photography.
My two latest books ......and Winter Comes, Autumn's Song are both available for preview and purchase in my Blurb Bookstore. Just follow the link on my home page here by clicking on the book at the bottom of the page.

My next project: I have been working for over two years photographing and identifying wildflowers of the Northeast USA and that will be my next book to be published. I hope to have it finished before the end of this month.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas 2013. Ours was quiet, wonderfully spent with close family.

Please don't forget if you stop by leave a comment. I love hearing from you, and hope you will be seeing me here more often in the months to come.
Be Blessed, Susan
A Painter comes in and paints your walls
and gets paid from you by the hour,
and no one begrudges the wage,  we
writers spend countless days of our lives to
fill up a book by the page, and people
think the price is too high!
Well in a few years when you are
about to have your wall painted again
think of the writer who did all that work
putting thoughts down with paper and pen,
and look at that book that sits on your
shelf that forever you can pick up
and read again and again,
also remember when that book was sold
t'was the publisher who made most of the cash,
the writer did not get rich fast, in fact
we get paid pennies on the dollar,
but we have to write it's our life's work,
you'll never hear me complain nor holler!
In fact if I were rich I'd give my words away
for free, but alas t'was not to be my fate,
so please forgive me the fee!
copyright 2012-Susan Lee-Horton
can sometimes lead to painful conclusions. For the second time in our married
life my wonderful husband and his good intentions has put me in pain. Years ago
my new and oh so gallant husband was holding a car door for me whilst standing
on a wet grassy knowl, he slipped and fell full force against the car door just
as I had managed to put one leg out. Well he rushed me to the hospital thinking
he broke my leg. I bruise easily, it looked much worse than the fact it was just
badly bruised including the bone, but not broken.
Well today I was quietly cloistered away in my room working on my book when he arrived with a lovely lunch he'd prepared for me. He no sooner left the room then I flipped the plate
onto the top of my foot, food all over the floor, cottage cheese covering my
socks yick !! my lovely lean burger, fresh lettuce with tomato slices all ruined I started cleaning it up and then the pain started  I think this time I may actually have broken a small bone on the top of my foot, but I am waiting til morning to decide if it should be checked(that would still qualify as within the first 24 hour rule for broken bones) right now it is just looking bruised and it is painful.

Oh and to prove how wonderful he is, he prepared
me a second lunch and even washed out my socks .      
Or am I just a terrible procrastinator, or ?  I have so many book projects started and I need to focus on just one at a time and get it done!  Almost daily I think of or am presented with a new idea. I have people waiting for my romance novel. I have an ending and I did finish it, the problem is it was on a computer that crashed so I am trying to reconstruct it and it shouldn't be too much longer,
Biographies on several people, telling love stories that involve ancestors, more poetry, I still write poems everyday and often question does anyone else really want to read this stuff ? My youngest daughter has requested a book of 'family stories' the sort that have been shared with me by relatives no longer here with us or I have lived through myself. I have several friends who want me to do a cookbook of recipes my Mom and I adapted over the years to suit a no sugar-low carb way of eating. Yes definitely too many Irons in the Fire, I need to put some of them on the back burner and pull forward those that are nearly ready and GET TO WORK !! It's just that playing is so much more fun ;-)

God is not flexible, He doesn't change to suit our needs,
He doesn't waffle or waiver, He never hems and haws,
God doesn't need the time to give it thought or pause,
whenever we come to Him, He is always there for us,
He never can't be bothered or tells us stop making a fuss,
He listens with infinite patience, He holds us in a loving embrace,
and I for one yearn for the day, I may thank Him, face to face.
~Susan Lee-Horton ~
My newest book In The Shadow of The Valley is doing great !!  It is a slim book of poems and just a few photo's presented in black and white. It has garnered a lot attention and faster sales than any of my other books in such a short time. It is a very exciting thing for an author to feel someone really understands your words. It is an unbelievable blessing that fills me with gratitude. Thank You.




Nearly 150 views of my books last week on Blurb, no sales. Are my prices too high ? Are people just enjoying the free previews and okay with not seeing the rest of the book ? Am  I just a lousy writer with a few kind fans that have made me think otherwise ? Try as we might, most creative people are very insecure. I so wish people would at least leave comments when they view. I'd rather hear negative feedback that be left out here wondering, just wondering.......
Well I managed to publish 2 weekly planners for  2012 each one is 160 pages with space for notes, along with poetry, pics, a little art work, and of course the calendar pages.
I also submitted just last night a book of poems and Images depicting the four seasons of each year.

I wish all who stop by here a Blessed, Safe, Happy and Healthy Christmas Season and the coming New Year, 2012 !!
I've submitted my first design of a 2012 weekly planner and will soon be submitting more to give my customers choices. Check out my first one if you have a chance and don't forget the sale. Enter BIGTEN when it asks for a code at checkout and get $10.00 off courtesy of Blurb !! Offer Expires Nov. 30 2011