My wonderful brilliant husband was able to get the computer on and by only going to the book program which does not require Internet I spent over 8 hours typing the pages that were only on the desktop onto my husbands laptop phew it felt good to rescue my words from that tower. My fingers are hurting but my heart is feeling light as a feather, thank you Lord for giving me this wonderful man who will do anything for me he is able to make my life easier.
 Life was easier when I just sat down with paper and pencil or pen and scratched out my words, alas no one read them but me, but...............I didn't have to sit here pulling my hair out because my 2nd book is trapped in a computer tower EEEE GADS !!!! Our desktop took a nose dive over the weekend and our computer guy is closed on Mondays BOO HOO sooooo I am working with my husbands desktop and praying we can at least get my book rescued soon. I made the foolish mistake of creating most of this one on the computer and only have a few hand written pages !!
When I was a little girl I used to walk in my sleep. Now I wake up and realize I have another chapter all ready for my book, does this mean I am now sleep writing ?
I'm more frustrated right now than I have been writing a novel, please bear with me this is all so new. Oh important advice if you create a webpage/blog or any page on the Internet make sure you save a link so you can find it yourself. Praise God I sent it to FB and could find my link there. LOL's