A Painter comes in and paints your walls
and gets paid from you by the hour,
and no one begrudges the wage,  we
writers spend countless days of our lives to
fill up a book by the page, and people
think the price is too high!
Well in a few years when you are
about to have your wall painted again
think of the writer who did all that work
putting thoughts down with paper and pen,
and look at that book that sits on your
shelf that forever you can pick up
and read again and again,
also remember when that book was sold
t'was the publisher who made most of the cash,
the writer did not get rich fast, in fact
we get paid pennies on the dollar,
but we have to write it's our life's work,
you'll never hear me complain nor holler!
In fact if I were rich I'd give my words away
for free, but alas t'was not to be my fate,
so please forgive me the fee!
copyright 2012-Susan Lee-Horton